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Our History

Passionate about beauty for a long time, and in the quest for excellence in any field of beauty, we have embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure as exhilarating as the quest for beautiful skin, worthy of the name.

For a long time, the founder has searched for products that weren't always right for her skin concerns, and often tried products that always ended up in the bottom of a drawer.

Being established in Switzerland, she undertook her own research and partnered with laboratories that developed a formula adapted to her skin. She then tested it with her friends and family, and everyone loved it.

We were convinced that it was possible to bring a breath of freshness to this universe by doing things differently, in our own way. By creating suitable products that respect the natural beauty of black and mixed skins without stripping it, but by bringing softness and radiance to it.

Products that we primarily use as consumers, remaining convinced that if it were possible to imagine it, it would necessarily be possible to do so.

We don't have revolutionary ideas but the vision of a beauty that would be healthier and more effective in the future, as expert as it is demystified, truer and closer...

The brand

BOHEME is above all a state of mind that is the reshaped fruit of an era of decisive rebellion, that of the end of the 1960s. The youth rises to the niche and decides to break the codes. It is the symbol of change, and of the birth of a new category of people with artistic and emotional richness, wanting to believe in a simpler, more beautiful world.

The brand represents this new enterprising generation whose principle is to respect, defend and communicate essential values such as respect for natural beauty, sustainable development and fair trade.

The products

BOHEME SUISSE products are the result of a close collaboration with several laboratories adhering to the same values as the brand, and are genuinely attentive to the needs and concerns of black and mixed skins.

Our ingredients contain a maximum dosage of the most beneficial active ingredients for the skin.

Our formulations are subjected to various tests and controls, guaranteeing you safety and reliability. Also to optimise the effectiveness of our products, we have added active ingredients such as Shea butter, Aloe Barbadensis leaf extract (Aloe Vera), Glutathione, Alpha arbutin, Vitamin B3, Papaya extract, Grape seed extract, Collagen, Elastin, Hokkaido milk, Egyptian milk, etc., which nourish, treat and balance the pigmentation of the skin.

Tired of seeing the same brands around every corner, and trying products that always end up at the bottom of a drawer. We have taken care to present our products in high-end packaging, while innovating on a sophisticated design, which combines class and modernity, but also universal, reflecting the brand's identity. All our ranges are presented in practical and aesthetic packaging.

We want to revolutionize the cosmetics market by bringing quality products presented in original packaging at affordable prices.

Our Mission

Beauty for all....

"Select the healthiest and most effective products and introduce men and women to the best for their skin. Because all skin types deserve suitable products! » 

BOHEME SUISSE's mission is to offer black and mixed skins the best of cosmetic innovation in terms of quality, effectiveness and safety. 

Because we believe in transparency and flawless compositions, because a healthy formula is often much more effective over time. 

Because advocating professionalism and excellence means making the recipe for beautiful, healthy skin accessible to everyone.

Our ambition

Help men and women using products that are dangerous for the skin to change their vision and turn to natural products with compositions based on natural 100% ingredients, which initially treat the skin, and make the skin beautiful, supple, strong and shiny.

Facilitate access to products that contribute to the well being of the skin.

Emphasize professionalism while remaining customer-oriented, and become a brand of excellence in the service of beauty.

At the heart of this project, our ambition is to be a model of global success, an inspiration for this new generation to undertake, innovate and to really try to achieve their dreams.

Our values

Our values are commitment, professionalism, innovation, performance and the quest for excellence. These values guide all our actions and forge our reputation. This is the essence of our team, which is built above all on trust in the individual and his or her talents.

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